Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tony Mowbray

Today for Ilead, we went and heard Tony Mowbray speak on his sailing adventures.  Tony survived the horrific storm in the Sydney and Hobart sailing race. Before this race, he was planning to sail around the world in the next couple. At first this terrifying storm where he thought he and his crew were all going to die, made him think twice about continuing with his plan.  However, he refocused and embarked on a solo journey across the world in 2000.  This journey took him a 181 days.  On 3 of those days he saw land and on none of those days a human.  He completed this journey to succeed at his goal and be a great dad and motivator to his kids.  The video of when he got back from the voyage almost made me cry seeing his face and his family's faces.  He has now continued sailing and made numerous trips to Antarctica and other places around the world.  His daughter and son both followed in his footsteps and work for other larger yachts.  He plans on his 20 year old son taking over his yacht in the next year.
Tony Mowbray is, also, now a motivational speaker.  His main focus is five words: 1. Dream 2. Think 3. Talk 4. COMMIT 5. Act.  Check out his website: http://www.tonymowbray.com.au/past_adventures.htm.

I was graced with not only hearing about one world travelers adventures, but on Autonomy Day I met Tom.  Tom plans on cycling around Australia and then the rest of the world for charity.  He just embarked on his journey a month ago.  Check out his blog at http://tommustpedal.com/.

Tony Mowbray 

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