Sunday, August 25, 2013


Even though I missed friends and family back home, my birthday here was pretty awesome.  It was all thanks to my second family here.  We have all became so close that we consider each other our second family.

To celebrate on Wednesday night we got dressed up and met up with some friends at the beach.  Then we went to the Brewery which is a lot of fun and in a great location on the harbor.  However, The Brewery for some reason was playing "World's Most Embarrassing/ Disgusting Body Parts on TV."  I did not need to see that.

On Thursday, my actual birthday, we had a Mexican pot luck.  It consisted of tacos, chips and salsa, quesadillas, Chinese rice, and cheesecake.  The guys had a little mix up when shopping for Mexican rice.  At least they tried.  Audrie, also, made me an amazing Raspberry Cheesecake.  She is the baker in the group.  After dinner we went to the Kent in Hamilton for karaoke and dancing.

Awkward moment of being sang Happy Birthday.

Marcus force fed me some of the Chinese rice :/

Cheesecake Audrie made me! Nom nom nom

Me and the sombrero the room came with!

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