Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quad Bike Adventures - Stockton Beach & Sand Dunes

Yesterday we went to Quad Bike King and took an ATV tour of the sand dunes.  It was intense and super cool. The sand made you lose traction a little bit at times and hills were sometimes steep. The trip was very bumpy where 4WD vehicles had left deep treads across the dunes. Towards the end there was a track of sharp turns and jumps.

On the tour we stopped at the Sygna ship wreck and took pictures.  This ship sank in May 1974 during a heavy storm on her maiden voyage.  The crew was rescued and unharmed.

The staff at Quad Bike King was amazing and helpful.  I would recommend to anyone in the area to take the 130 Bus to Port Stephens and try out this amazing experience! We got a $20 discount for having a group of 9.  This experience was well worth 90 Australian dollars. Their website is

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