Monday, July 29, 2013

Aussie Rugby Game

This past Sunday, we went to a Rugby Game. It was the Knights (Newcastle) vs. the Roosters (Sydney).  It was really cool!  I almost like it a bit better than American football.  It is more intense with the facts that they tackle each other without wearing equipment, they can only throw it backwards, they have to actually touch down the ball to score, and they have to kick from the angle the ball was touch downed for the extra point however far back that they want.  Also, a lady gave me and Kate free tickets because she only came to see the National Anthem.  There are pluses to being late.

The refs are the ones in the pink.  They do as much running in the game as the players.

The stadium was packed!

Apartments 4 and 5 sporting their red and blue to support the Knights!

The Knights are the ones in the red and blue jerseys.  The Roosters are in the white jerseys.

Sadly, the Knights lost :(

Here is the website for the Newcastle Knights to learn more about the team and Rugby League.

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