Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween, Farewell Ceremony, Dolphin Cruise, Nobbies Lighthouse

Last week was Halloween.  We went to a party at another house of Americans and dressed up as Despicable Me minions.  Then on Halloween some of our new Australian friends that Audrie found and my Australian friend Bessie from IRHR came over for a small party.  This time we dressed up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I was Dopey.

Despicable Me Minions

Apartment 4 Picture


Tim and Lindsey 


Friday afternoon we went to the farewell ceremony for International Students.  This was a bit long, but we got a certificate and heard a pretty cool African drummer at the end.  It is really sad to think that we are leaving soon.

On Saturday the group went with Rayna and Jason on a Dolphin Watch in Nelson's Bay. Nelson's Bay was gorgeous and filled with street vendors along the bay.  I wish we had time to come back just to explore the bay. It was nice being able to see dolphins in clear, unpolluted water. The boat had a boom net on the back of the boat that we road on on the way back from seeing the dolphins.  The water rushing back from the boat was a bit rough at times so you had to hold on tight to the net.

 After going on the dolphin tour we went tobogganing down a big hill.

Replica of the Track

On Sunday, I went to the beach with Audrie.  We were going to swim in the ocean pools/baths, but the water was really cold.  Instead we walked across the breakpath to Nobbies Lighthouse.  On our way back from the lighthouse, we got caught in some really high winds that blew sand everywhere.  The sand hurt and made it hard to keep our eyes open to see.  The wind, also, pushed us around and made it hard to walk straight.

Kombi Van

View from the walk to the lighthouse.

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