Friday, October 11, 2013

Sydney Bridge Climb and Oz Jetboat

This blog post is definitely a bit late, but I have to write about it.  The weekend before break we had our bridge climb weekend with Rayna and Jason.  This weekend was filled with a lot of good times with the group and facing a lot of fears.
                Kate, Caroline, Brittany, and I went up a day early and stayed at Home Backpackers.  I do not really like this hostel.  The sinks and bathrooms are too small.  That night we went to the O-Bar and got a drink.  The O-bar is a bar that is on the 47th floor of a circular sky scraper in Sydney.  The floor rotates in a circle so you can see a huge panoramic view of Sydney without having to move from your seat.  Our waitress at the bar was American.  She studied abroad and then came back because she felt she did not get to see everything she wanted too.  I sure hope we get to see everything we want too.

                The next morning we went to Paddy’s Market.  I went and bought souvenirs that were hand-painted by an Aboriginal tribe.  After doing some shopping the other half of the group arrived and we met them at the YHA backpackers that Rayna and Jason had arranged for us by taking the free Sydney bus.  We grabbed some lunch then all met back up at the Sydney Bridge Climb headquarters.  Here we suited up into our jumpers, harnesses, and radios.  We were then given a training session on how to climb the four ladders it takes to get up to the steps of the bridge.  I hate ladders but these were not that bad because there was room for your whole foot to fit.  We then made the climb.  The climb is 3 ½ hours long and is 1,332 steps.  You stop a lot along the way to enjoy the view and for pictures.  Pictures are taken by your guide and available for purchase at the end.  They are expensive.  We just took a picture of the screen that you could view them on while waiting in line for purchase.  Also, you are given a free group picture and certificate at the end of the climb.  The climb is absolutely amazing, a bit scary at times, and well worth it.

                After the climb we showered and met on the roof of the YHA for drinks and snacks with Rayna and Jason.  The roof had a beautiful view of the Opera House and the bridge.  We then all went to dinner at a place beside the YHA.  I split a seafood pizza with Chloe.  I have a new love for seafood and seafood on pizza.  This pizza had prawns (shrimp), salmon, and something else.  It was delicious.  I then went and got the PACHA or Ivy experience with Kate, Caroline, James, and Brittany.  The Ivy is a popular club with dancers, multiple floors, multiple DJs, and multiple rooms.  This all made for a really good night in Sydney.

                The next morning we did a stunt jet boat ride in Sydney Harbor.  I was more scared of this than the Bridge Climb since I hate roller coasters.  After wanting to panic initially it turned out to be really pretty and fun.  We went over a lot of waves where the boat went airborne and landed.  He thankfully warned us about the 360 spins.  He made them feel even more dangerous by making the nose go around buoys in the water. I actually would do another stunt jet boat ride.

                This weekend is one of the reasons I am glad I chose to go to Newcastle over Bond.  The Bridge Climb, jet boat, and night at the super nice YHA was paid for by my tuition. 

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