Friday, September 6, 2013

International Food Fair at Uni

Uni has many International students from various countries.  Last week they had an International week with an International Food Fair.  It was huge and filled with many booths from countries all over the world.  I had samosa and rice from Pakistan.  I am not sure what samosa is, but it was alright.  It had peas in it though.  I had crocodile, kangaroo, and a anzac biscuit at the Australia booth.  Crocodile kind of does taste like chicken. Germany made mushroom and eggs.  The Netherlands had spicy mashed potatoes with carrots and onions, chicken meatballs, and beef meatballs.  Africa had chicken and a spicy rice that was really good.  I did not really like Africa's potato or white rice clumps called mase.  Saudi Arabia had rice with beef.  The Philippines had a rummy egg drop soup, but a nasty rice cake.  Being able to try all of this food in one place was an amazing once in a life time experience.  I wish we would have known in time and got the form in on time to have an American booth.  They gave $700 to each country that wanted to have a booth.

At Bar on the Hill  during the festival, they had different acts from different countries.  This Asian guy beasted at playing the Erhu.  The Erhu is a two string instrument.  It sounds really cool. He played songs from his home country and played "Moves Like Jagger."  Other acts consisted of a Tae Kwon Do and different dances.  The playing of the Erhu was my favorite act.

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